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The CDs of Moe Bowstern
     What did I do to deserve a friend like Erin Yanke? When I mentioned it might be a good idea to make a cd, she had me over to a studio at KBOO Community Radio, a 40-year-old nonprofit listener-supported station, in no time. Erin set me up in a room with a microphone and all the time in the world. She took all the ummms and oopses out of the recording, arranged the tracks and bang, I had a cd.
     She did the same with Mary Garvey, who stayed over at my house once in Portland and was very obliging about having Erin and me drag her down to KBOO to sing for a few hours. Erin edited Mary’s cd too, and now you can order as many as you like, all thanks to KBOO and to Erin Yanke, a woman devoted to both her friends and to preserving oral history.

Xtra Tuf #5.5
     This audio zine is like a radio show. Like my friend Jon Campbell says, it’s like having me over for a visit without the inconvenience of feeding me. Xtra Tuf 5.5 is the only place you can find the poem ‘Skiff Song,’ my audience favorite. You can also learn the songs you find in issues 1 and 2, and hear me sing some of my favorite songs by Mary Garvey. In between the tracks you learn a little about where I got the inspiration for the songs, poems and stories you hear.
     This from my parents: “We pulled into the driveway and it was still playing on the car stereo so we sat in the car until it was over. It was that good.”
     Thanks, mom. Hope you like it.
     Icky designed and letter press-printed 200 covers for my birthday, and Stumptown Printers offset-printed more after Icky’s ran out.

Mary Garvey
The Songs of the Lower Columbia.

     I first heard Mary Garvey sing at the 2004 Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon. A friend of mine came out of the Wet Dog Café with stars in his eyes and said, “You gotta go hear this woman sing!”
     She knocked my socks off with her clear, sweet boice and her historical portraits of the lower Columbia River region
     She told me once that she gets her songs from angels, the songs come through her and she writes them down and sings them. Sing them, she says, pass them around, change them up, whatever you want. Mary says her job is getting them into the world.
     Maine folksinger Gordon Bok covered Mary’s song ‘Astoria’s Bar.’ She is quite respected in maritime music circles. This is the only cd of her music.
     Mary’s cd comes with a small lyric booklet and the covers feature a linoleum cut by artist Icky A. Printed at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Ore.